Messianic Teacher Joseph Dowell

Messianic Teacher Joseph Dowell
Messianic Teacher Joseph Dowell

Messianic Teacher Joseph Dowell was born in Paris, France while his father was serving in the Navy. By the age of three he had moved to San Diego where his father retired and Joseph grew up.

Growing up, Joseph attended the local Catholic Church and graduated from one of the local Catholic High schools. However, after receiving the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) at the age of eight, he began to question the Catholic faith. While attending High School he was required to study scripture and other religions and by his senior year he had come to the conclusion that the Body of Messiah was headed in the wrong direction. During this same time he started to experience “Gender Dysphoria” and wished to become a female.

In 1989, after burning out in school and in a faint-hearted attempt to rid himself of the desire to change his sex, Joseph joined the Army as an Airborne Medic and was assigned to an airborne unit in Italy and Ft. Bragg. It was during this time that Joseph met Lyn and they were married.

In 1995, after completing the Army Practical Nurse Course, Joseph was assigned to Fort Bliss and the William Beaumont Army Medical center where he met Lyn. After they were married, Lyn introduced Joseph to Rabbi Michael Washer and he began learning biblical pictures. Joseph left military service in 1999 and began working in Critical Care Nursing eventually receiving an Associates in Nursing and his Registered Nursing License.

It was during his time in El Paso, that the Ruach, working with/through Rabbi Washer and the community there, freed Joseph of his Gender Dysphoria and “Same Sex Attraction” allowing him to become the man that is here today. Joseph has been happily married since 1995 and raised Lyn’s two youngest children (Ethan and She’erah). They have 8 grand-children from four of her five children and frequently travel for family visits.

Since 1996 Joseph has been active in the Messianic community and earned his Bachelors in Biblical and Theological Studies with a concentration in Messianic Jewish Studies from the King’s University in 2017. He is currently serving on the worship team and leads a weekly discussion on the Torah portion (weekly section of the first five books of the Bible read every week in Jewish Synagogues around the world) with Tree of Life Messianic Synagogue in La Mesa, CA.

Currently Joseph is working on an Introduction to Messianic Judaism text with Pastor John Williams and teaches about Messianic Judaism, the Spiritual Gifts of Ephesians 4, and speaks on how the Spirit healed him of his Gender Dysphoria and Same Sex Attraction.

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